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20Q Has a Solution for You

The 20Q A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) can read your mind. Developed online at, the A.I. is now an award-winning pocket game that fits in the palm of your hand. Now, through licensing, you can customize 20Q’s technology.


The 20Q A.I. learns and adapts

  • allows you to customize the game interface
  • functions as a stand-alone application
  • can be provided as a Web service


The 20Q knowledgebase can be tailored to fit various game platforms

  • can be adapted for mobile applications
  • handles multiple Web servers
  • can host thousands of simultaneous users


The 20Q A.I. can fit any platform

  • very small memory and programming requirements
  • can easily be adapted to your needs


20Q game knowledgebases can be split into modules

  • can run one or more modules simultaneously
  • can use domain-specific knowledge related to a website’s theme
  • Multiple languages can be served from the same Web server

Addictive has a very high stickiness factor

  • the average visitor spends over 30 minutes at our website
  • receives more than 50,000 unique visitors per day
  • 87,000,000 games played online (so far…)

Over 15,000,000 20Q handheld games sold world-wide.

20Q leverages the power of the internet to train neural networks.

20Q handheld games are available in seven languages; the website trains twenty-one languages.